HighQ is pleased to announce the upgrade of Collaborate beta sandbox instance https://integrationbeta.highq.com/ to Collaborate 5.1 (Beta) our next Collaborate release. We are still in the process of upgrading our documentation for the API changes made in Collaborate 5.1 and will publish them soon. The purpose of the upgrade is to allow integrators to test their existing integrations with Collaborate 5.1. The API is backwards compatible so your integrations should continue to work without any change. Please comment on this blog post or raise a support ticket if your integration has any issues with Collaborate 5.1.

The platform team. 


  • Lisa Thompson Imran Aziz Hi both, Just checking on when this documentation will be released? Apologies if I have missed anything, but it has now nearly been two months since release. Last update from yourselves was 45 days ago.

  • Lisa Thompson  Imran Aziz Hi both. would there be any update as to when the documentation will be released?

  • Lisa Thompson Thanks for the update. Looking forward in finding out what's new!

  • Thomson Reuters Thomson Reuters staff member

    Hi David we are working on this now and hope to have something to share soon. Sorry for the delay.

    CC: Imran Aziz

  • Lisa Thompson Imran Aziz Hi both, would there be any update on the above yet?