As part of the Thomson Reuters commitment to keeping our partners up to date on the latest product happenings, HighQ conducted the HighQ 5.4 Pre-Release Webinar on 15th of July. 

We wanted to give you, our partners, an opportunity to see what’s coming and make sure that any changes to HighQ will not break your integrations.

During the 90 minute webinar we discussed the following topics:

  • An Introduction to the Thomson Reuters Legal Partner Program
  • Summary of new 5.4 features
  • API changes and a deep dive into the new features

Please find attached the recording of this webinar. 

  • Hi Ryan McDonough 

    You can find the link to the release notes here:

    Which links to all user documentation!

    Hope that helps

  • Is there a copy of the documentation referenced?

  • Sally Roberts the recording is now attached to this blog post.

  • Thomson Reuters Thomson Reuters staff member

    Imran Aziz can we get a copy of the recording added to this page that external users can access? Thanks

  • Thomson Reuters Thomson Reuters staff member

    Sally Roberts I can't open the recording - get an access restricted message.