Hi All,

For a while now I've been engaged in discussions with the developers regarding various issues with the Swagger documentation. We are aware that there are some problems here and are working on making improvements in accuracy, amongst other things.

Please continue to raise any issues you find with support and we will deal with them on a case-by-case basis. Ideally we would like to do a big overhaul, but the developers have identified that this would be large amount of work, so have asked for assistance in identifying the most utilized 'areas' of the REST API. The idea being that we fix the documentation for the most important parts of the system, (from the perspective of our integrators), as a priority.

With this in mind, I have created a survey. If you have a spare 2 mins please fill it in, as it will affect how we are going to deal with this: Oct 2021 Dev Survey

I have removed the 'created by' metadata from the default view, so its effectively anonymised - only HighQ/TR admins on this site will see who. Here is my example: 

  • Thomson Reuters Thomson Reuters staff member

    Ryan McDonough whoops! Sorry about that - you should be able to add to it now!

  • Hey - sounds great - I don't however have the ability to see the add button on the iSheet.