This sandbox instance ( has been upgraded to HighQ 5.6 (beta), please check your API integration to confirm that it continues to work with HighQ 5.6. The API swagger documentation has been updated accordingly and can be found at the following location . Please note that we do not plan to update the documentation in the developer community but will only be updating the swagger documentation. A summary of the API changes can be found at .

If you do not have access to the sandbox instance then please raise a request with the HighQ support team to gain access to the sandbox instance of HighQ.  


Please note this is a beta release and we will be updating the sandbox instance on weekly basis to address any issues raised. 

  • Peter Simpson Yes I meant access to Integration Beta and helpdesk gave me access to that sandbox and I can see some of the upgrades in there like the new approval system.

  • Thank you Andrew Quinn

  • Thomson Reuters Thomson Reuters staff member

    Oya Koyukan

    => Sorry not sure what you are asking for exactly? Do you want access to Integration Beta?

    What is the Ticket number of the support ticket you have yet to recieve a reply to?

  • Oya Koyukan, just navigate to the API config basic details endpoint (you don't need token for this),

    e.g. this is for the Collaborate instance used in these very forum sites: 

    Which returns:

    		HighQ Collaborate
    			(GMT) Dublin, Edinburgh, Lisbon, London
  • Peter Simpson in our client sandbox instance I can not see the application version because I do not have the full system admin access for the sandbox. If you are talking about out live instance, I do know the upgrade hasn't been done and it needs to be scheduled anyways. I am talking about the sandbox instance mentioned in the above announcement and pointed out that we can get access to this sandbox and the updated swagger documentation at this location which I don't have access to any of them. And I did not get a respond back yet from helpdesk regarding my ticket for this request. Thanks.