Dear Developers,

We're thrilled to announce the launch of our newly redesigned Developer Portal [], a pivotal step forward in how Thomson Reuters empowers professionals in the Legal, Tax, Corporate, Risk, and Fraud sectors. This innovative platform is not just a transformation in appearance but a leap into the future of professional service and technology integration.

Take a Tour: Dive into our new features with this video tour and see how we've made finding and using our APIs faster and simpler.

New Features:

  • API Discoverability: Quickly find the API you need.
  • Business Use Cases: Learn how our APIs solve real-world challenges.
  • Easy Onboarding: Start your projects with ease thanks to user-friendly documentation.
  • Community Forum: Dive in! Share, connect, and grow with our vibrant developer community.

Quick FAQ:

  1. What is on the Portal?

 Access the full catalogue of Thomson Reuters APIs, use cases, and management tools, all organized for easy discovery and learning.


  1. How to sign up?

 Existing members can use the same credentials. New to the community? Sign up and start exploring!


  1. Finding APIs or Use Cases?

 Use Global Search for comprehensive results, or refine by industry, product, and capabilities with our filters.


  1. Where are my API keys?

 Manage all your keys in the App Management section after login.


  1. How do you I get API keys?

 Connect with sales for a subscription, and our will assist with the rest.

Legal, Risk & Fraud:

Tax & Accounting, Trade & Supply:

  • Thomson Reuters Thomson Reuters staff member
    in reply to karens

    Hi  we will be adding more API documentation for OneSource Income Tax

  • Will they be adding more API documentation for OneSource Income Tax?  The old portal seem to have a lot more content around the binders such as charts, adjustments, m3 mapping, etc.