Collaborate 4.3.12 is a bug fix release which was deployed to multiple clients last weekend. Unfortunately, in resolving one of the critical issues, an API bug was introduced. This is causing our clients to receive a 403 forbidden error message when calling the iSheets API's. 

The technical team have investigated and resolved the bug in release This point release will be deployed to all affected instances this coming weekend on the 28th of July and will resolve this API issue. If there are any urgent concerns and you would like to upgrade your instance earlier then please get in touch with our support team at to schedule the upgrade. 

  • Andrew Quinn looking at the error message this seems to be a different issue and is related to database connection. The error that was caused by 4.3.12 upgrade was a 403 with operation unsuccessful error message.

  • Thanks Imran Aziz. I've been noticing 403 errors when updating iSheet items (see example response below). Is this a manifestation of the issue above? It's not a 'forbidden' message but it's certainly started happening recently.

    Thanks in advance, Andrew:


        "id": 1000,
        "data": {
          "result": {
            "index": null,
            "columns": {
              "column": [
                  "index": null,
                  "columnid": null,
                  "name": null,
                  "status": "ERROR",
                  "statuscode": "403",
                  "message": "Unable to aquire data source []"