HighQ 5.6 has a number of new features and API's. We have also made a number of changes to the existing API's.

The detailed API changes are now provided with the swagger documentation so please refer to the HighQ 5.6 swagger documentation to find the detailed release notes. 

The high-level themes of the API changes in HighQ 5.6 are as under: 


  • Files
    • API’s to get Approval status and Approval templates [New
  • API to get smart folder files [New]
  • Folder structure API to create new folder structure [New]
  • Large file sharing API to get shared/received content [New]
  • Search by multiple ID’s [Update]
    • Sites, Site categories, blog, users, organisation department, address, tasks
  • Events [New]
    • Get all events for a site
  • Search API [New]
  • Task Templates API [New]
  • People API [New]
  • System reporting API [New]


The Publisher API changes are as under: 

  • CTK update panel API
    • Get legend and metadata filter for CTK update panel configuration API
    • Render CTK update panel API
  • People panel API
    • Get list of manual contact for people panel configuration API
    • Render People panel API
  • CTK map panel API
    • Get list of CTK maps API
    • Render CTK map panel  API
  • CTK quick report panel API
    • Get CTK module and question group for CTK quick report panel configuration API
    • Render CTK quick report panel API
  • Text Image panel API
    • Render Text Image panel API

HighQ 5.6 partner webinar details the new features and API changes. The recording of this webinar is attached for your reference. 

Thank you, 

The HighQ team.