HighQ 5.2 was announced at Legal Geek in London last week. If you haven't seen the announcement, please read the press release and visit our What's New web page. You can also watch the HighQ 5.2 on-demand webinar to learn more about the top features.

This sandbox instance - https://integrationbeta.highq.com  - has been upgraded to HighQ 5.2. Please check your API integration to confirm that it continues to work with 5.2. The API Swagger documentation has been updated accordingly and can be found at the following location https://integrationbeta.highq.com/integrationbeta/showSwaggerUI.action . Please note that we do not plan to update the documentation in the developer community but will only be updating the Swagger documentation from now on. 

The API is backwards compatible so your integrations should continue to work without any change. Please comment on this blog post or raise a support ticket if your integration has any issues with HighQ 5.2.