In our continued effort to provide a high level of service and support to our partners and clients, we plan to deprecate our old API versions. To give sufficient time to our partners to upgrade their integrations we plan to deprecate and consider "end of life" for the older versions of the API from API version 1 to API version 10 on 31st March 2023. On the 31st  of March 2023, all versions before and including API version 10 will reach their end of life and no support will be provided for those API versions by the HighQ support team. 

API version 11 will have end of life on 30th June 2023, version 12 on 31st of December and API version 13 on the 30th of June 2024.

Going forward with the release of the new version of the API, the previous versions will be considered deprecated and will only be supported up to two years from the day of deprecation.

As an integrator using HighQ API can you please make sure that you upgrade your integrations to the latest version of HighQ? The latest version of HighQ API was released with the June release of HighQ, which is API version 14.

Please follow the API release notes to determine what has changed in each API version. All previous release notes have been provided until HighQ 5.6 and from HighQ 5.7 release notes are provided with the swagger documentation.

For any further details please contact the HighQ support and product team. 

Thank you,

The HighQ product and engineering team


  • I agree with Ryan Mcdonough, why is my org's Swagger defaulting to a significantly older API? We build our logic based on the Swagger documentation under the assumption that it was up-to-date. (Never mind that it's extremely difficult/impossible to search for support threads on this site.)

  • Why does Swagger default to version 3 which is clearly deprecated?

  • Imran Aziz: can you please explain what "first stage" means? We have a client who just now discovered they are still running on v3 for their API calls.
    Will all API calls
    Or will they work up until the next shipping of an update (which is schedule when)?
    Or will they still work, but support will be stopped for any tickets starting Saturday April 1st?

  • Ryan Mcdonough Sorry for the late response to your question. With deprecation, we do intend to remove the deprecated API versions from the code to reduce maintenance efforts. In the first stage any API support requests using the deprecated versions of the APIs will no longer be entertained by the support team and the clients will be encouraged to upgrade their implementation.

  • Imran Aziz So to check a few things:

    Deprecation - does this mean they'll no longer work? Or is it just support that wont be provided?

    If it's just support being removed, are you expecting to fully remove older endpoints at somepoint the in future.

    Will you start returning messages in the responses in a brown out style degredation so integration logs will start to see this is being deprecated?

    How long will API versions be supported going forward? 2/3 years?