We are pleased to announce that today we have announced the latest release of Thomson Reuters® HighQ, HighQ 5.5 which includes more than 60 enhancements across the whole HighQ platform, including features to better support project management workflows, transaction and litigation management, contract management and more. 

We’ve just posted on the HighQ Client Community a post which includes a number of links to help people understand what’s contained in the new release:

The sandbox instance - https://integrationbeta.highq.com - has already been upgraded to HighQ 5.5. Please check your API integration to confirm that it continues to work with HighQ 5.5. The API Swagger documentation has been updated accordingly and can be found at the following location https://integrationbeta.highq.com/integrationbeta/showSwaggerUI.action

For those of you who were unable to attend the recent developer briefing, please see a previous post with the recording of that meeting.

The API is backwards compatible so your integrations should continue to work without any change. Please comment on this blog post or raise a support ticket if your integration has any issues with HighQ 5.5.