When configuring a CE template to be added to a site, it would be useful to be able to rename the template for that site.  For ex, if the template name is "Simple NDA," allow me in a site to refer to that template as "Short-Form NDA".  That name will be shown in the link that can be added to the home page for triggering doc generation, on the title of the modal that is displayed with the interview and in the iSheets module when you select Generate Document and pick a template to use.

  • Agreed, this sometimes is really annoying. We need to upload the same template with a different name as a different template first to CE Admin site, then to HighQ. The other issue is, if you set up the template name in the template properties with capital letters in word then upload into CE Admin site then publish into HihgQ, the name of the template stays with capital letters, even after I changed it in word to small letters and reuploaded into CE Admin site and republished into HighQ, it stayed with Capital Records. Weird and annoying.