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Re: Add more folder levels to X8

Leanne - you may well know this, but if not: Windows 10 now allows path/file names longer than 32K characters.

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Re: Add more folder levels to X8

I probably don't -- still working on a pre windows 10 machine!  

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Re: Add more folder levels to X8

Hi Leanne - hope you are doing well.


I got around the folder/subfolder issue by using lots of searches based on groups of other smartgroup searches or folders.  The main problem here is not really nesting of folders, at least in my view, it is the lack of the ability to create logical constructs/commands to query the database.  I am continually frustrated by the inability to ask simple questions.  Since there is a limit to the number of questions any one smartgroup can handle, I need to create one s,martgroup that looks for any vowel in a certain field, one smartgroup that looks for whether the record has a certain date and another smartgroup to check exclusions, then I need to create a group that combines those smartgroups in the correct order.  


Also Endnote does NOT allow one to copy a group set  and then alter it.  I track the publications of 150+ investigators, so I have a search for each one.  When I want to change the year it is searching for I either have to go into each search and change that parameter or what I did instead was to make groups on groups for each one and when I want to change the date range it searches for I change the daterange search that the group looks at and it changes automatically in each group on groups.


This is not an optimal way of doing things.  I use Zotero for other things and the logic there is so much easier.  It also is easy to publish to a wordpress blog using Zotero and nearly impossible to do the same using EndNote.

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