New 3E Functionality Built Upon Machine Learning Technology from Microsoft


August 23, 2023

ORLANDO, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Elite, a leading provider of financial and practice management solutions to law firms and pioneer behind the legal industry’s first cloud-native financial management solution, has launched a new time entry capability for users of 3E which leverages the industry-leading machine learning and generative AI capabilities available from Microsoft.

The new functionality works seamlessly alongside the Always-on Time passive time capture functionality within 3E, first introduced by Elite in 2022, which improves timekeeping accuracy and lessens data-entry errors. Now, legal professionals can reduce even more the effort required to record time by bringing generative AI to bear to further automate the process. Using the rich data within 3E, generative AI technology from the Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service is now able to create a draft timecard narrative with just the click of a button.

“In order to help power the law firms of the future, we will continue to innovate, reducing the burden and cost of administrative tasks and processes such as time entry for legal professionals,” said Elisabet Hardy, head of product at Elite. “By incorporating this new AI capability within 3E, firms have the potential to take a significant step forward when it comes to improving realization rates and speed up their ‘work to cash lifecycle’. This new capability in collaboration with Microsoft is indicative of the exciting road ahead, which will leverage the best of AI and machine learning capability in order to drive ever better law firm business operations.”

The new AI time entry capability is available now for 3E customers using the most recent release of the cloud-based version of Workspace (1.17.0).

  • Hi  There is a KB article : TR-20844:  3E Workspace & 3E Workspace Integration Framework1.17.0 Application and Operational Release Notes-Cloud

    In the article, the following is the information pertaining to Generative AI (page 6):


    #1296645 Implement ability to generate Time Entry Narrative via AI

    Value: Users can generate narratives using generative AI through Time Entry modals. Added the ability to generate narratives for Time Entry via AI. The appropriate button was added to the Narrative control. The button is visible when the Enable Open AI Narrative Generation setting is enabled on the Admin Page -> Display References Page. The narrative is generated using PTA codes to guide the suggestions. Timecards without PTA codes will have greatly reduced accuracy in the narrative predictions.

  • Is there a KB article for this feature please  ?