New Releases of 3E Bring Enhancements and Latest Version of 3E Change Stream

Several new 3E® product releases are now available, including updates to 3E Data Insights (on-premises), 3E Proforma (cloud), and Advanced Financial Solutions (on-premises). In addition, there are updates to 3E Change Stream—the new cloud capability that gives you access to your 3E cloud data like never before. 3E Change Stream allows you to extract volumes of detailed 3E financial records into an external datastore, opening the door for greater reporting, analysis, and integrations with other solutions.

Key Highlights

  • 3E Change Stream 1.5 (cloud)
    • Enable Daily Statistics to reassure users that data is flowing as expected
    • More precise error messaging, e.g., regarding permissions and configurations, helps resolve issues faster
  • 3E Data Insights 4.3 (on-premises)
    • Console updates include calendar to/from fiscal changes and an enhancement to dependent transformation tracking
    • Numerous content updates include more customizations and date range options and new performance metrics
  • 3E Proforma 7.6.0 (cloud)
    • Proforma owners can now adjust the total of the proforma
    • Detail enhancements include the ability to display the matter number in the header
    • WIP list enhancements let you reorder Matters in the column display, and “Back to top” navigation lets you easily return to the top of the list without scrolling
    • Users now can add, edit, and remove words and names to their dictionary during the Spell check process

  • Advanced Financial Solutions 5.10 (on-premises)
    • When a unit’s fiscal year is changed in 3E, it will now be reflected in Advanced Financial Solutions reports
    • SQL 2022 and Windows 2022 are now supported

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