The latest updates bring improvements that will help customers be more productive with system and workflow process improvements as well as more end-to-end proforma editing features.

The Data Insights 3.8 (cloud only) release brings usability improvements for administrators, including an improved process for the onboarding of reporting users that saves time and gets users up and running faster. Updates include:

  • A simplified B2B guesting process for faster access to PowerBI reports
  • Increased visibility to help admins track the status of guested users\
  • Increased frequency of status updates on guested users which provides hourly updates rather than daily

The Proforma 7.3.0 (cloud only) release brings several updates that help with proforma editing. Multi-language support means that 3E Proforma will now display headers, labels, messages, text fields, dates, and currency in your preferred language that’s set in 3E. Additional updates include:

  • The ability to view and apply funds during invoice creation, helping to improve your bottom line and speed your work-to-cash cycle
  • The ability to defer and un-defer multiple proformas at once

For a full overview of the newest releases, go to the Customer Portal at, click Knowledge Base, then enter the article number listed below:

  • Data Insights 3.8.0 Release Notes, article TR-20417
  • 3E Proforma 7.3.0 Release Notes, article TR-20376

If you have any questions about the latest releases or would like to see a demo, please contact your account representative.