3E Data Insights 4.0 is now available. This cloud-only release brings updates that improve usability. Some of the updates were based directly on requests from clients.

New reports can help users better predict cash flow and plan finances. For example, there are new Predictive Cash Flow from Current WIP and AR reports. Available in aggregation by Timekeeper and/or by client, these reports are based upon historic data that will show anticipated future collections from current WIP and AR with estimated collection dates.

Additional enhancements include the ability to view cost and margin detail at various levels, providing deeper insights into profitability and helping to pinpoint issues. In addition, user management in the console now directly accesses the subscription in real time, providing an improved user onboarding experience.

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  • Hi  The on-prem update was just posted today. Follow this link to see it :  New Releases of 3E and 3E Proforma Bring Key Enhancements to Improve Day-to-day Processes 

  • 3E Data Insights 4.0 is now available. (This cloud-only release )

    Hi  is this release not available for On-Premise?  It does suggest Cloud only, then which version (latest) is available for On-Premise implementation?