The latest MatterSphere release delivers multiple updates that bring greater flexibility, workflow improvements, and user interface enhancements.

Users now have the flexibility to modernize their technology footprint and control costs with cloud-friendly connectivity options. Azure SQL Server hosting support lets users host their MatterSphere SQL servers within their Azure managed instance. There is also additional support of Azure Active Directory (AAD) to provide cloud-based user management.

3E integration improvements mean you can now connect to 3E running both the Transaction Service and 3E API, saving time, reducing possible errors, and improving the natural front end / back-office matter management workflow.

Another update includes the addition of a document bundling analytics page in the Command Centre. This ensures that all created PDF bundles are now accessible from the Command Centre, making status information more readily available and actionable data points more accessible.

 Additional enhancements in the 10.0 release include:

  • The Elasticsearch user interface now lets you enable date range and document type search options
  • Precedent Manager is now accessible from the Command Centre, speeding up training and adoption time for new users
  • The single- and double-click access behavior has been standardized across tiles on the dashboard

For a full overview of the newest release, refer to the Knowledge Base article: 3E MatterSphere 10.0 Release Notes: TR-20786, accessible via the Elite Customer Portal.

If you have any questions about the latest release or would like to see a demo, please contact your account representative.