The latest release of 3E builds upon the strong foundation of 3E 3.0, delivering improvements that will further streamline processes and drive efficiency across your firm.

Highlights of 3E 3.0.3 include:

  • Improved client maintenance. Save time and streamline data entry by toggling between simple process forms that display only the mandatory fields and full process forms that display all fields—without any loss of data.
  • Enhanced billing options. Now you can better manage your firm’s expenses by including anticipated hard costs/disbursements on client bills. (Previously, only anticipated soft costs could be included.)
  • Expanded document history options. You can now print, save, and view multiple files simultaneously, rather than just one at a time as before. Plus, when saving documents, you can now choose your own file names, making it easier to find those documents later.
  • Faster month-end balancing. Spend less time on this necessary task with reporting that can now drill down to the source record to pinpoint balancing discrepancies.

In addition to these enhancements, a new release of Stock Templates—release 7.0—offers time savings and improved workflows.

Stock Templates 7.0 Delivers:

  • Greater user flexibility. Stock Templates now support rich-text formatted narratives in template outputs, including for time, cost, charge, and invoice narratives. Plus, you can now set user-friendly template display names as well as document output filenames.

To view these video articles, go to the Customer Portal at, click Knowledge Base, then enter the article number.

  • 3E 3.0.3 Application Release Notes, article TR-19433
  • Stock Templates 7.0 Application Release Notes, article TR-19551

If you have any questions about the latest releases or would like to see a demo, please contact your account representative.