Article MVP Program

Thomson Reuters MVPs are distinguished members of our community who demonstrate an exceptional blend of expertise, leadership and community responsiveness.


Product development

MVPs provide helpful feedback and share ideas that shape the direction of our products.

Expert advice

They provide expert advice in our communities on a daily basis.

How to apply

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Thomson Reuters 2022-2023 MVPs

Kathleen Sheahan

Kathleen Sheahan is a Tax Manager at Professional Management of Milwaukee with over 25 years of experience.  She specializes in financial management of healthcare practices, including accounting and financial statement preparation, tax planning and preparation, and payroll services.  She is long-time user of CS Professional Suite applications, starting with Creative Solutions Accounting in 2001 and switching to Ultra Tax CS, Fixed Assets CS and FileCabinet CS in 2006.  As Information Systems Manager, Kathleen is responsible for educating and training her firm’s employees and clients on utilizing the software to its highest potential, developing practices, procedures, and written manuals to improve accuracy, organization, and efficiency.  Winner of Thomson Reuters’ first Community Peer Support Award in 2018, Kathleen continues to help our customers, drawing from her own experiences, injecting humor where she can.  In her spare time, if she’s not with her grandchildren, she can be found reading a book.

Thomas Bridgman

Thomas Bridgman is an enrolled agent and has been the owner of Hudson Valley Tax Experts since 2020. Thomas has been preparing tax returns since 2003 and has been using UltraTax since 2009. His work has primarily focused on tax problem resolution, as well as the preparation of individual, small business, and trust & estate tax returns. He hails from Wappinger, New York and is an alumnus of Pace University.

Mark Oostra

Mark Oostra has been working in IT since 2005 at Kroese & Kroese PC and doing computer consulting for clients. Their firm uses Virtual Office, Ultra Tax, Accounting CS, Fixed Assets, Planner, Practice CS, GoFileRoom, NetClient, AdvancedFlow and QuickBooks. Mark received the Luca Peer Support Award in 2022 and has been active in the Thomson Reuters Community since 2005.

Our Program


  • Welcome kit and Quarterly Thank You via swag bag
  • Recognition in forums via Badge
  • Monthly meeting with product team (research/feedback)
  • Direct line to TR via Priority email address
  • Ability to give out hand-awarded badges to community members
  • Opportunity to help shape the direction of TR communities  and TR products
  • Member highlight 
  • Free seats to the Year End Training classes for UltraTax and Accounting CS  for MVP firms
  • Priority access to private demos, upcoming releases and beta products 


  • Responsive to SME and product support questions
  • Monthly meeting with product team (research/feedback)
  • Complete and keep member profiles current
  • 1 year commitment, likely starting in Jan
  • Application/Acceptance required, NDA Required
  • Limited # of people accepted
  • Once a month they will be ‘on-call’ for welcoming new members to the New Members forum
  • Monthly content/editorial requirement
  • Report product bugs; flag spam/abuse in forums when they see them
  • Build expertise and stay hands-on with products you claim competence in
  • Participate in community-specific session or Roundtable at SYNERGY
  • Tape interviews about the MVP program at SYNERGY