Article How do I answer a question?

You can reply to a post and suggest your reply as an answer to a user’s question.

Find unanswered questions

The easiest way to find questions that need answers is to make sure you are subscribed to the Weekly or Daily Digest. By default, all customers who are in our Community are subscribed to the Weekly Digest. If you’d like to change that to the Daily Digest, you can adjust that setting in your Settings.

You can also look for unanswered questions by heading to the forum of your choice and sorting by Unanswered or No replies.


Both options will return posts that need answers. You can look at those posts and see if you're able to answer any of these questions. 

Answer the question 

When you’ve located a question that you have expertise in, select the post and click reply. Add as much text as necessary to help the user understand your solution. Include screenshots or samples if you think that might be helpful. If you think another community member could be helpful as well, tag them in your message.

Suggest your answer

Before submitting your reply, select “Suggest as Answer”. This sends a message to the original poster that your reply may be a possible solution to their question.