Article Community Quick Start Guide

5 Things you need to know to get started in the Community. 

1. Introduce yourself.  Update your community profile to introduce yourself to the community. Just click the avatar in the top right of the screen, select Profile to view your page, then click Edit Profile on the right. We recommend you add an avatar, and complete the available profile fields so other community members can find you, learn more about you and your organization and build connections. 

2. Explore.  Not sure where to start? Try a search, you can easily search for relevant topics by entering terms in the search bar at the top of the page. Search will display results for content, groups and people in the community. 

3. Participate.  "Like" a comment or post that appeals to you. Better yet, reply to a discussion, add comments to a post, or start a your own discussion on a new topic. By participating and collaborating here in the community, your conversations will be visible to others who can help and add to the conversation, as well as be easily recalled using Search.

4. Subscribe.  Don't miss a thing! If there is a forum or content that is particularly interesting to you, look for the Subscribe button on the bottom right, and receive notifications on the content that is meaningful to you.

5. Learn More.  This Help Group is designed to help you learn how to use the community. You can always ask a question and our community team or other members will help you out.