Article Community Guidelines

Welcome to the Thomson Reuters communities. We appreciate you sharing your time, knowledge, and expertise in our communities. As a closed community, we rarely see spam, abuse or any other behavior that requires moderation. As our numbers grow, these Guidelines will help us to ensure this space continues to be a community that is built on learning, sharing and problem solving.

Your use of the Thomson Reuters communities is subject to these Community Guidelines and our Terms of Service.

DO: Be Helpful, Professional and Respectful

Answer questions and participate in discussions in a respectful manner. Please help other members and thank people who help you.

Our global community of tax and legal professionals come together to learn from each other – by respecting each other, we can ensure our community remains a comfortable and safe environment.

DO: Network, Learn and Share

Our community is a closed environment, available only to customers of Thomson Reuters. Many of our members have been in this community for over a decade. Our members form genuine relationships, and we encourage you to dive in and get to know the other members.

DO: Search First

Start at the search bar and you may find your question has already been answered. That will save you time and get you back to work faster.

DO: Upvote Good Questions and Answers

When a community member asks a great question or gives an answer you agree with, show them support by upvoting their content. It’s a small gesture that lets them know you noticed their effort.

DO: Close Solved Questions

When you ask a question, if someone answers it to your satisfaction, please mark the answer as Accepted. This highlights the correct answer for future viewers and allows question answerers to move on to other Open questions.

DON’T: Post NSFW Content

Avoid posting images, videos or other media that contain violence, nudity, sexual or other NSFW content. This is a professional forum and people use this site to better do their work so NSFW content of any kind is off limits.

DON’T: Attack Others

Hate speech, threats, attacks or personal abuse of any kind is not tolerated. Lively debate is encouraged but you must remain professional and respectful toward all members of our communities. Direct attacks will be removed and continued abuse will result in permanent barring from the communities.

DON’T: Spam

We prohibit spam in Thomson Reuters communities. Avoid repetitive posting and excessive self-promotion.

If you have a question about our guidelines, please reach out to the community manager.