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Increase searchability for Scandinavian and German letters (e.g. "Ö")

It would be great if author names from for example Germany and Scandinavia in ResearchID containing letters such as "ö", "ä", "å",  etc would be recognized when you search for author names with the spellings that are possible with an English keyboard.


An example:

If an author have registered with the name "Jönsson" - then it is currently not possible to find this name by searching for "Jonsson" from the ResearcherID start page - you have to type the name with the correct letter "ö". It would increase the search standard if "ö" was found also by a search for "o", and "ä" by a search for "a", "å" by a search for a, etc.


Many major search engines work in this way.


(This problem is apparently not corrected by adding alternative spellings of the name under "Alternative names".)


Many thanks

Thomson Reuters
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Re: Increase searchability for Scandinavian and German letters (e.g. "Ö")




Thank you for your interest in ResearcherID and for your suggestion. We'll add it to our future enhancement list.





Patricia Siemion

Product Management Associate

Thomson Reuters