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Conference abstracts in My Publications list

I don't want to add my conference abstracts to the My Publications list, as they would clutter my legitimate publications.  However, it would be nice to somehow identify them as being my "publications" to help clean up the number of distinct author sets that show up in Web of Science (there's currently a different author set for each of my conference abstracts, which is quite annoying).


It would be nice to be able to identify these as mine, but add them as a subset of my publications.  Or alternatively, to create a secondary author set within my ResearcherID account, which would help consolidate these conference abstracts without obscuring my real publications.

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Re: Conference abstracts in My Publications list

I have the same issue.


When using ISI Thomson Web of Science, I can limit the list of publications according to publication type. Importantly, this allows to exclude meeting abstracts when calculating/displaying publication statistics. A similar feature on the researcherID website would be great.


I added all my publications listed in Web of Science to my publication list on researcherID for a number of reasons (e.g. to help create a distinct author set in Web of Science). However, if  I could choose not to display meeting abstracts in the publication list (and not to include meeting abstracts in the calculation of publication metrics such as citations per publication as it does not make sense to include abstracts in these calculations) as the default option, I would do so.