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How to delete an account ?


I have two ResearcherID accounts and would like to keep only one of them. Can I suppress an account or merge both in one ? I did not find the answer in the FAQs.


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Re: How to delete an account ?

As ResearcherID profiles are linked to email addresses that are registered in Web of Science, we have to delete any duplicate or unwanted profile on our end. You can contact Technical Support using the webform below and let us know the ResearcherID number and email address that you wish to have deleted. .


Before doing this, be sure you have checked the Publication Lists in each profile to see if you need to modify anything. While ResearcherID profiles cannot be directly merged at this time, you can move publications from one profile to another using Endnote Web – please see the following Knowledgebase article for instructions on doing that. Or if there is only a small number of articles involved, you can simply add them to the correct profile again from Web of Science. ResearcherID: Merging User Accounts


Please contact Technical Support if you have any questions or problems.

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Re: How to delete an account ?



I had the same problem 

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Re: How to delete an account ?

I also want to ask how to delete an account