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Adding ORCID publications to ResearcherId


I connected ORCID to ResearcherID and I copied some publications from ORCID to ResearcherID.

ResearcherIC did not recognize that some of them were already in the ResearcherID database and now I have some publications duplicated.

The easy solution is to delete the ORCID imported publications, however they have information that the ones in ResearcherID does not have (links, DOIs,...). On the other hand, I do not want to delete the original publications of ResearcherID because they also have information that it is not included in the ORCID ones (the times cited).

Is it possible to merge publications?


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Re: Adding ORCID publications to ResearcherId

Dear carmeqb,


There is no way to directly merge duplicate records in ResearcherID, but there are two possible workarounds.


As you note, only records that have been linked to Web of Science Core Collection will display the Times Cited data. If the ORCID records have the most complete data except for the Times Cited, I would suggest using the “Update using Web of Science Core Collection” feature under Manage List. This should be able to link the ORCID record to Web of Science for the citation data, after which you can delete the original record.


The other option is to keep the original record which is already linked, but edit the record in Endnote to include the additional data you want from the ORCID record. You can then delete the duplicate ORCID record.


For instructions on either of these options, please see our Knowledgebase articles at the links below.


ResearcherID: Update Using Web of Science Core Collection button


ResearcherID: Recorded Training on Using EndNote to Edit ResearcherID


I hope this is useful information. If you need additional assistance, please submit a Technical Support case at .


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Re: Adding ORCID publications to ResearcherId

I am trying to export my publication to Researcherid account from Orchid acount. However, each time I click on the option " Bring Orchid publication to Reasearchid", I get an error message asking me to try again. 


I dont use enote. How can I add my publication


thank you