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Formatting of author names -- conversion from Refman 12 to Endnote X7 problem

Hi there, 

I recently converted a Refman 12 database to an EndNote X7 library and I'm noticing that some of the author names in EndNote are no longer formatted correctly.


For example, the name John A Smith, formatted in Refman as "Smith JA" ends up converting to "Ja, Smith" in Endnote, as if "Ja" was the author's last name and "Smith" the author's first.


The problem seems to be related to whether or not commas were used in Refman. Using the same name as an example, if John A Smith was entered into Refman as "Smith, JA" then EndNote will correctly format it as "Smith, JA" (without the comma, "Ja, Smith" is produced).


My question is, aside from doing it by hand, is there a way of correcting the thousands of  "Ja, Smiths" in my EndNote library?


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Re: Formatting of author names -- conversion from Refman 12 to Endnote X7 problem

In EndNote under Tools you will find a command called Change\Copy\Move\ fields which can be used for exactly this purpose.


You can find steps on our website that go over how to add the group names to a field in the library which might help guide you in this process.


You will want to make a copy of your library before trying these steps since you cannot undo a global edit like this.


Here are the steps to make a backup.


Here are the steps about group names.

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Re: Formatting of author names -- conversion from Refman 12 to Endnote X7 problem

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For Endnote to correctly interpret the initials there also needs to be a space between them in the record (else JA it interprets as a name hence the a is lower case or ommitted entirely.)  


I don't really see an easy way to use the global editing to fix them all.  The author names are best entered in Endnote exactly the same for the same author.  Having one entered Smith, J A and another as J A Smith -- both will end up correctly formatted as Smith, J A, but J A van Smith will not, ending up as Smith, J A V --  Hence it is always best to have them entered van Smith, J A.  I am perplexed on how Refman would have correctly handled these if they are entered with and without commas in various records?  


If two records with the same author are not identically entered, it can cause problems when they are being "disambiguated" though.  so that styles that would distinguish two authors with the same last name, by including initials, will now appear  for same author entries.  For example John A Smith  and  Smith, J A and Smith, John A would all be treated by endnote as unique authors.  

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