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Endnote references from a 1999 MS word document

Hi all,

I have an MS Word document (Mac) from 1999 with Endnote 3 formatted references.


I need to recycle the document, but my current Endnote X7 software will not format them. 


I have the original library, converted and readable by X7, and my current Word version recognises the references as Endnote references.


Is there any trick to convert these old guys into contemporary endnote references? There are about 100 of them, and I don't want to reinsert them all again...




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Re: Endnote references from a 1999 MS word document

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Always make a copy first!  


Have you tried unformating them to see if they will convert to temporary citations?  I remember having to do that a number of years ago and it working. I may have then also cleaned up field codes (convert to plain text after converting to unformated citations).  It really depends on how Word has changed field parameters I think and whether current versions of endnote are able to interprete them.  So you have two software packages to contend with!  


PS see you also posted in the Endnote forums so copied my answer there as well.  Thanks!

(long time Endnote user)