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Cyber ​​Ops CCNA Cisco Intros

Cisco is the upgrade and its certifications expanded in security and provides $ 10,000,000 over two years in the form of grants for qualified security certifications to expand the global supply of talent in this area of ​​talent.

With a planned investment of up to two million cyber professionals for the year 2019, a certain degree of desperation will be implemented in the computer industry as a player of all ranks, and strive to strive to reduce this huge gap in talent. Cisco is trying to do its part through a series of changes in its certification portfolio and the introduction of a global studies major cyber scholarship program.

Updates and extensions to Cisco security certification

First, Cisco launches new CCNA: CCNA Cyber ​​Ops. This new point of security analyst diplomas work at a Security Operations Center (SOC) to monitor systems and detect attacks.

CCNA Cyber ​​Ops provides IT professionals with some of the key skills required to work in an SOC and gives them an understanding of how the responses were formulated and coordinated once an attack was detected. This certificate will add to the existing identification information CCNA Security, which focuses on the role of the head of network security more directly, to operate security policies and helps maintain the appropriate security situation in a variety of organizations.

Cyber ​​Ops CCNA Syllabus & Studio

In addition, the CCIE safety data are examined. In fact, almost all of the CCIE portfolio through a review process next year to include a new vision of certification training, the tools and advanced technologies in addition to current topics includes meat and potatoes. Therefore, CCIE Security will prepare new skills at expert level to prepare professionals to counter the threats and technologies of technology, to counteract and mitigate security development.

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