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Footnote punctuation

I am using Chicago notes and Bibliography style (with one or two alterations which are irrelevent in the context of my query). I need to put a general reference to a number of books in one footnote without page numbers for any of them. Occasionally I also need to put one short title with no page numbers. In both cases Endnote automatically adds a comma at the end of each reference, when I need to have in the first instance semi-colons and in the second instance periods. Is there any way in which I can make this happen either automatically by setting up a rule, perhaps for when a footnote reference is followed by something, or make it possile to do this manually one the reference is inserted?

Many thanks for any help.

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Re: Footnote punctuation

Something might be amiss with the command syntax set-up within the Endnote output style . Could you attach the Endnote output style file to permit examination?