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Download style not showing up in Word

Hello! I'm using a journal-specific style that I downloaded from the EndNote website. I loaded it into EndNote and saved it, and I double-checked that it shows up in the Style Manager. I also copied the style into C:/Program Files/EndNote #/Styles, so it's definitely there. 

But the new style isn't showing up in the list of styles in Word 2016. I've checked "Select Another Style" about 100 times trying to get it to show up. I updated EndNote, closed EndNote and Word, tried a new Word doc, and restarted my computer, and nothing worked. I even tried with another random style from the EndNote website, and it didn't work either. 


Any ideas? I'm completely stuck.

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Re: Download style not showing up in Word

Styles you download, should be saved from Endnote to a user accessible folder defined in the preferences. Also, the preferences defined folder should never be the same as the program installation folder.  Moving or copying them to the program folder is not recommended, as they will be rewritten every time you update.  Perhaps endnote is unable to view them, if it didn't install them there, in the first place. 


When they are saved to the preferences folder (by Endnote) you should see them in the list when you view all styles or open the styles manager. If they are not viewable, there is a problem that you should ask support about. 



Importantly if there are two files of the same name in the installation styles folder and in the user defined styles folder, Endnote may also be confused, as to which one to use?    

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