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Re: Citations not Formatting Correctly

No matter I do, citations on the text are kept in the same format (see below). It only changes in reference list, but not on the text. I already reinstalled endnote and pages plug-in... How can I solve this?

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Re: Citations not Formatting Correctly

Pages 6 with Pages plug-in v3.0:

It appears the newest Cite While You Write plug-in released by Apple for Pages 6 is causing serious issues primarily related to formatting in-text citations.  So far, we've received user reports for three separate formatting issues:

  1. Instead of inserting an in-text citation as (LastnameA, LastnameB, and LastnameC, 2017), the format is now  (LastnameA, FirstnameA; LastnameB, FirstnameB; LastnameC, FirstnameC 2017).
  2. When we change the output format in Pages’ Edit menu, the Bibliography changes as expected, but the in-text citations remain unaffected.
  3. Repeated citations are not abbreviated. For instance, (LastnameA, LastnameB, and LastnameC, 2017) should become (LastnameA et al., 2017) on repeated citations in one of my output styles. This does not happen. Instead even repeated citations remain at (LastnameA, LastnameB, and LastnameC, 2017).

We are waiting for an additional update by Apple the best workaround at this time would be to go back to the older version of Pages or consider switching to Microsoft Word.


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Re: Citations not Formatting Correctly

Hi, I am using windows 10 and endnote X8.  When i do intext referencing, the reference is coming out with a #. For example the reference is coming out like (Brand, 2011 #56). I don't know why. Please assist. 

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Re: Citations not Formatting Correctly

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You are seeing the "temporary citations"  you can turn on autoformatting -- or you can "update citations and bibliography" on the Endnote Ribbon.  It should be appearing between curly brackets and not plain parentheses though?   You should choose an appropriate output style too on that ribbon.  

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