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citing an annotated pdf



Hoping there's a way to do this:


Let's say I have a marked-up journal article pdf that I have attached to a reference in my Endnote library, am working in a Word document, and want to cite specific parts of the pdf multiple times. So, I would want my bibliography to include the normal fields (author, date, title, journal, etc) with each specific annotation i.e., p.2 paragraph 3 in one instance and section 2 paragraph 1 in another instance). Is it possible to customize an output style to show these details?

Would this require me to duplicate records or pdf attachments?



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Re: citing an annotated pdf

Usually one would cite the source with the location, and only list the full article in the bibliography.  


(Author, year, cited paragraphs) or page, entered with the preceding punctuation in the suffix field, for example.  


unless you are using footnotes, and then you would use the footnote templates, but in a similar manner.  

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