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Journal Term Lists Missing

I have just upgraded to EndNoteX8 on my MacBook, version 10.5.5. I have noticed that the Journal Terms list were incomplete (those generated when importing references) and I followed the instructions EndNote provide. When I went to import the Terms List from the EndNote folder, I noticed that there was no terms list or simlar as described in the tutorial. I expected to see an EndNote Folder within applications, however there was none, only the newly installed application. The EndNote Folder is in documents. I have read the forum about problems with Journal Abbreviations, and I note that the first step is to import the EndNote provided Journal Terms List, however I appear not to have that list provided to me, nor can I find it online.  Any suggestions?

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Re: Journal Term Lists Missing

Perhaps they weren't included during installation?  


There are ones on the web - -like here 


I could also attach one or more, from my X7 collection, if you like.  

Antrhopology, Archaeology, Astronomy, BioScience, Chemical, Economics, Humanities, etc etc



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Re: Journal Term Lists Missing

The exact same thing happened to me. I've had to download it separately. Bizarre!