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How to sort Author and Title together


I have a custom sorting style (custom,jpg)
Curently, if there is no Author, EndNote sorts bibliography items in a way as showed in a Sorted_current.jpg: (at first - items withot Author, then - with Author)

What I want is to sort all these items based on a first field, regardless it is an Author or a title (Sorted_Expect.jpg).

Is it possible to do in Endnote. If yes, then how?


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Re: How to sort Author and Title together

There is an anonymous setting in the output style options.  I think if you select either of the highlighted options there, it will include the title in your sort.  APA specifications may work too.  (Oddly enough, my APA output style didn't use that option, out of the box - I attach the APA style I use where I have also corrected some random spacing issues).  

(long time Endnote user)