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Export Groups to Excel

Dear all

Is there a way to add "custom and smart groups" as a field to my excel export output style? I know I can right click a reference, ask for record summary and then copy the text to the clipboard. However, I have over 10'000 references and would like to export them all at once without having to click every one of them. 

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Re: Export Groups to Excel

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No, the best you could do is select each group, then globally edit the records of each group to include an indicator that the record is a member of that group using the  Change/Move/Copy tool.  

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Re: Export Groups to Excel

You can globally add the Group name to the references in the group this would be the best workaround to allow the group name to be exported.


You can use the Change Text tool in EndNote to change any group of showing references. Using this tool, you will be able to add the name of the group to any unused field in your references.

As you are making a large change to your database, make sure to back up the library before continuing.

Since EndNote makes these changes to every reference in the current view, you will want to choose the group you want to add the text to first so only the references for that group are selected. Then please do the following:

  1. In EndNote, go to Tools then Change and Move fields.
  2. For the field labeled In:, select the unused or custom field you want to use for the group designation.
  3. Under Change, choose "Insert before fields text".
  4. Check "Include a space after inserted text."
  5. In the field on the right, type the name of the group.
  6. Click OK.
  7. Repeat for each group.

This should add the group name in the field you've chosen. You would then get this information exported to Excel.


See our website for these steps:

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