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Endnote + Brookings style

Dear all,

                I´m trying to import references (using Endnote web) into my document using Brookings style (I attach a guideline with the specifications),  but so far the most similar style I found is Chicago 16th. Does anybody know how to import/modify the style?

               For example, I´ll copy the following reference in Chicago 16th and Brookings:


Lustig, Nora. 2017. The Sustainable Development Goals, Domestic Resource Mobilization and the Poor. Edited by Jose Antonio Ocampo and Joseph Stiglitz, Welfare and Inequality: (New York: Columbia University Press).


Lustig, Nora. 2017. "The Sustainable Development Goals, Domestic Resource Mobilization and the Poor," in Welfare and Inequality, edited by Jose Antonio Ocampo and Joseph Stiglitz, (New York: Columbia University Press).



Thank you,


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Re: Endnote + Brookings style

Unless you are using Online version thru an institution with an administrator, there is no way I know of apart from contacting Endnote Support to adjust an output style (and that is usually a lengthy process).   (More information and submission link to request a new style is in the KB article here)


When looking at the Brooking style guide, it talks about two variants.  There are two or three variants of Chicago 16th (A is footnotes and bibliography, B is not Author, year, not footnote).  I guess A is more like Brooking footnote style requirements?  


You could modify a style or use a style modified by someone else for you  using the Desktop version of endnote (while for example using a trial version).  but that is an option for a very limited time, so you might want to wait until you are ready to submit.  Or find a friend or colleague who has the full desktop version to reformat it for you. 

(long time Endnote user)