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Citation Is not Downloaded


I have Problem when I click on  download reference form IEEE it is viewed on my browser as a web page and It is not downloaded at all in my endnote or on my computer ,I am using Google Chrome.

could anyone help me please?


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Re: Citation Is not Downloaded



I was also able to reproduce this direct export behavior from IEEE Xplore via the Firefox web browser.  It appears the site has changed the way their RIS-formatted direct export takes place, as previous training material seems to indicate a temporary text file containing the exported reference information used to be generated automatically.  If an information provider displays tagged reference information directly on their site, we'd normally suggest performing "File>Save As" within your browser to save the reference information to a text file that EndNote could then import.  However, IEEE has all RIS-formatted reference information jumbled together, instead of each piece of data on its own line, and this is causing import failure when attemping to manually import into an EndNote library.  I'd suggest contacting IEEE to inform the organization of this export issue, as I'd suspect this change that was made to their RIS-formatted direct export may have been unintentional.

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