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Endnote X8 - 'Closed unexpectedly'

Hi, I'm a brand new Endnote user, running X8 on Mac OSSierra 10.12.6. It's been running nicely so far, I have just noticed one thing though. Whenever I close the programme, having synced with my online account and closing Endnote in the appropriate manner, I keep getting a pop-up window saying 'Endnote quit unexpectedly' and asking if I want to ignore or report the error. It shouldn't do this I reckon as I've closed the programme  properly and synced with my online account before I do so. Can anyone explain why this would happen and if I need to do anything to remedy it? Thank you.

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Re: Endnote X8 - 'Closed unexpectedly'

Greetings DITEM,


As a test, could you close your designated EndNoteSync library, create a test library by clicking "File>New", add several references to this new library, then try quitting EndNote with the test library still open?  This test will help us confirm whether or not your synced library may be influencing the appearance of this error message.


Please let me know what you find.

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