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Re: Attention Mac users: X7 PDF viewer and Sierra

Hello EndNote users,


I got a new iMac and installed everything and then upgrade to Sierra too expecting some improvement after recent comments saying that is ok since X7.7. But no, so now I have the same problem as you guys.

I read all the previous comments, and yes, even in 2017 (April), we still facing the same problem with highlights and unstable use of the tool with X7. 


I'm extremely disapointed with TR EndNote and after searching for a solution without having to expend more money that I've already have expended I decided to export my references and move to Mendeley or other tool that works. In this year I will have to write my PhD dissertation and I don't want to get stressed for something that should be fixed.


So, good luck guys. 

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Re: Attention Mac users: X7 PDF viewer and Sierra

This is disgraceful.


EndNote are simply blaming Apple, and Apple appear not the least interested in fixing the problem.


Other software developers who are experiencing similar issues (I believe it's a problem with PDFKit) are finding workarounds and pushing out updates to customers, rather than telling them not to upgrade to the latest OS (really? that's like telling Windows customers not to upgrade to Windows 10 because it will break your software).